Where there is art, music, creation, love – those vibrations are a sacred space, where Power exists.
— Terri
Because of Alex...

Because of Alex...

I’m an artist, a chef, an explorer, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a healer, a native Californian and a nerd.  Shout out to all who embrace their inner nerd!

L.A. FARM GIRL was born from an idea that originated somewhere in the galaxy and brought into my life to heal me.

Beware; the next few paragraphs are on the heavy side. In 2009, my 17-year old son, Alex passed away from brain cancer – this altered my life in the most profound way.  Alex was, and still is, my best friend. Though I have to walk the earth without him, I am still inspired by the love we shared.  When I am creating, I am in a sacred vibrational space. That’s where the Power of the Universe exists – it’s where I can feel and reach Alex.

I’ve always been an artist but it wasn’t until Alex passed that I decided (not sure ‘decided’ is the right word – maybe ‘guided’ is more suitable). The grief I experienced and the desire to move forward, I needed to get out of my head. I began to experiment with recipes. At first it wasn’t serious but one day I decided to make Strawberry Jam. Eh, it was all right but not good enough, so I kept trying.

One day after feeling extremely satisfied with my creation, I brought samples into work.  Very unexpectedly, people were falling over themselves to place orders.  I was shocked! It’s just jam people, I thought to myself - but it was more than that.  I received systematic requests from co-workers and all was well. Suddenly, I had an powerful moment of clarity, I may have found some happiness, something tangible, something that enhanced my life, something that made me smile again. I then began to cry in way that cleared the way for my soul’s vision of my future. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that moment. It changed everything.

You see, where there is art, music, creation, love – those vibrations are a sacred space, where Power exists.

When I’m creating jams, jellies, or doing photography or the like, I’m connecting with something that is bigger than myself. And, because I am fully immersed in that space – those vibrations are in my final product. Someone once told me that when I share my experience, my story, and my all with someone – I increase the value of it.  What I bring to you is true and real.

I love what I do. It’s a full expression of me and it allows me to be free and move about the world in an Exceptional way.

You may be wondering were the LA. FARM GIRL name came from.  Because I’m a native Los Angeleno and my family is from Texas, L.A. FARM GIRL is an amalgamation of my roots. You can spot those nuances in the photography, the flavors of the jam and in my branding. It's got soul, its a little bit of country but mostly rock ‘n’ roll.

So come on and get you some jam – you’ll be happy you did. Promise.

My best,